Saturday, February 11

Do Naked Crayons Look Uptight?

With The Hubby away this past week (living it up attending a work conference in New Orleans, LA) I wanted to spend some bonding time with the lil man and make some Valentine’s Day gifts for his new friends at daycare.

What’s a good, non-banana, non-peanut, non-dairy, non-egg..non…non..non thing to make for kiddos under 5? (No freakin' idea..) I figured all the parents were going to overload the daycare center in allergen free cookies/treats, so I didn’t want to follow suit.

I decided to be that cool/different Mom and made Crayon Hearts. (Inspired by Creative Mommas)

(Initially this was supposed to be a Toddler Valentine’s craft idea, however after I did the trial run the night before.. I just didn’t see it going well with "E"…. Exacto Knife – just screams danger! Having my almost 2 year old see me rip off crayon labels and break up crayons…Not a chance!!)

I gathered all my supplies: 4 boxes (24pc) crayons (not chunky crayons), heart shaped candy/plastic muffin molds, Valentine’s Baggies, Exacto knife, labels, bottle of red wine
Yields: approx. 32 small heart heart

Use Exacto to carefully slice off the crayon labels. (I found slicing along the seam worked best. Also recommended, do this part before glass #2.)

Is it just me or do naked crayons look uptight?

Heat oven to 265
Break up each crayon into 4-5 pcs
Put 2 or 3 colors in the each mold*.
*Too many colors doesn’t turn out as nice

Put molds on a cookie sheet
Cook for 10-12 (depending on your oven & thickness of crayon/thickness of melted crayon.)
CAREFULLY/S-L-O-W-L-Y lift out the cookie sheet. (You don’t want the melted crayon to swoosh around/up the sides of the mold)
Let sit until cool/hardened
Pop out of mold

Things I figured out:

  • The brighter crayons turn out nicer.. The dark browns, grays, blues – not so much.
  • I would recommend layering the crayons approx. 2 high as in the photo for a thicker/more robust crayon.
  • Buy more than 2 molds so you can make the whole batch @ one time


Aren't they beauts!

Check out the other craft I did do with our toddler: Mail A Hug

To Do’s
* Package crayons in Valentines baggies
* Bring the little gifts to his daycare on Monday


Dacia Alba said...

They turned out so cute! Thanks for the link back and I'm glad our post could inspire :)

Joy said...

Love the blog! Is it completely new?

Although I won't yet be making heart crayons for Poppet, you have inspired me to rip the paper off them. Sure beats trying to fish it out of a clenched toddler's jaw!

Warmest regards,
Pardon My Poppet ~ Pip Squeaks from the Mummy-verse!

Mondays with Mac said...

Beyond adorable!!

ToDoListMom aka Ashley said...

Thanks! A lil wine always helps :)

ToDoListMom aka Ashley said...

I know what you mean, I've given up on the crayon chewing - What is in them that they insist on eating them!??