Saturday, February 11

Mail a Hug (Valentine's Toddler Craft)

Who said crafting with a toddler was FUN? Cause they totally LIED!
Sure - it may be fun for them but it’s just about as fun for us as going grocery shopping with a kid when they’re sick and hungry..(Nightmare !)

I thought I’d be a good daughter (& daughter in law) this year and make some heart-warming Valentine’s Day giffies for the grandparents, aka Nana/Pappy and Grandma/Grandpa ‘Long Hair’. (I couldn’t do anything too elaborate or The Hubby would be all over me about ‘the funds'..) (Here's what  I made for 'E's Valentine's giffies for his daycare buddies.)

Here’s what I came across after doing a little ‘research’ on Pinterest.
Inspiration from Tons of Fun Blog

Perfect! I had all the required supplies:
Red Craft paper
Toddler hand
Toddler’s patience (Ok, well I almost had all the supplies..)

Do you know how hard it is to trace a toddler's hand when they want no part of it?? I managed to somewhat trace 3 fingers and a thumb, after several attempts. I decided to freehand the last finger and part of his hand to avoid the pending melt down. It was that or I was going to have to sit on his arm to get the ‘real’ tracing of his hand.
(I was this close to downloading a kids hand online! Lol)

After I traced his hand & cut them out, I put a little Valentine’s message on them and added the ribbon (long enough to do a ‘pretend’ toddler hug.)
All in all I think "E"’s grandparents will be touched by his Valentine’s day craft and probably wouldn’t have cared if the hand only had 4 fingers! Lol

A somewhat successful toddler craft completed! 

What did your toddler’s Valentine’s day craft look like? Did it go from “FUN” to “NONE” as well?

To Do’s
* Make Cards to go with the “Hugs”
* Mail Nana/Pappy’s card/hug
* Start looking for Easter toddler crafts (If you have any suggestions, add a comment below)

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