About Moi

I was the girl always stuck in the back row for school photos, always the tallest girl in my group of vertically challenged girl friends, now I'm finally coming to terms with it, even though I’m almost a foot taller that my awesome Hubby. (Think Tom Cruise + Nicole Kidman, minus the fabulous hair because neither of us is blessed with the good hair gene.)

I’m a WOHM that would love to win the lottery for a chance to someday be a SAHM to our lovely little man “E” (almost a terrible two’er) & any other potential wee babes that we may breed.  I would love to stay home to do all the baking, organizing, cleaning, cooking & crafting ideas I have floating around in my head (& scratched down on various lists throughout the house and stuffed in my purse.)

I’m an exact hybrid of my parents, my mom an organized Type A'er and my dad an environmentally conscious Artist (Check out his site).

I’m a little bit of a Reality TV and Celebrity junkie and not afraid to admit it! (Hey – better than being a Toronto Maple Leafs fan, like my Man.) I’m also hooked on social media @todolistmom @cakesguelph (& love a good bottle glass of red wine and a bag of 5cent candies.)

This blog will follow my ramblings through various “To Do's” including family life, DIY's & meal planning.

Be prepared for a smidge of sarcasm  and a splash of wine!