Tuesday, April 3

C25K Day 1

Wow! Is it sad that I can’t run for more than 60s without getting winded? (Don’t answer that…)
Recently I wrote about my loathing for running in my Winter Fluff post.

Winter fluff [win-ter fluhf]
Def. The excess poundage collected around the mid area, rear and thighs while you were busy hibernating over the cold winter months avoiding all conscious physical activity.

I discovered C25K (Couch to 5km) and figured it seemed geared to beginners and new runners – which is me fo’sure!

I downloaded a podcast from this blog (This podcast has upbeatcurrent pop and hip hop songs from 2009-2011! Yes!)

Here are a couple other C25K podcast I came across:

Here’s how Day 1/Wk 1 went:
  • I left later than I wanted to after having to deal with a soother debacle before bedtime so I was well into dusk (kinda sketchy on the trail)
  • I made it to the trail with my running buddy Tito (Our dog) for our 5min walk warm up. I’m feeling good at this point! 
Running buddy in action..
  • Here comes our 1st 60s run” says the podcaster chick….. (Wait a minute… I thought I was following the C25K plan that I had pinned from Michelle Ayala … Apparently not all C25K plans are the same. Newsflash for me!
  • Ok, no prob – I’ll deal, it can’t be that bad I told myself
  • By interval 4 I was hating the podcaster, my nose was running, I was frothing and the dog was annoying the crap out of me
  • I continued on for another 5 or 6 ‘run 60s-walk 90s’ intervals rocking out to Flo-Rida and Kanye.
{Just a side note… I’m using the term RUN very loosely! My runs were just barely jogs except for run 6 where I  RAN and just about died when I realized I had another 3 run/walk intervals to do! LOL}
  •  I have to admit I had to stop 2 of my runs at about 45-50s because I was completely out of gas
  •  My dog was completely confused at the whole run-walk thing. Everytime I picked up speed he thought he could go full speed, so during the entire workout I was yelling, “HEEL!... HEEL!, ok, C’mon!... C’mon!”
  •  I SURVIVED! (and even managed to stop in at my friends place on the way down our street to have a quick chat, a slightly winded chat but I was still alive..)
My tuckered out running buddy
I’m quite proud of myself! I completed a 30 minute workout and could still walk the next day. I’m a lil tender but it serves me right for running without doing any stretching.

To Do
* Get at least 2 more Week 1 runs in within 8 days
* Download Week 2 Podcast


FunnyPregnantLady said...

As soon as baby comes I want to train for a half marathon. I've never done more than a 5k and haven't ran in nine months. I think I'll try your method to get back on my feet.
I will tell you that I think you'll love running eventually(-: good luck!!!

ToDoListMom aka Ashley said...

Thanks! I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel yet but I'm hoping it converts me to a runner in the next 2 months :)

Anonymous said...

C25K helped me become an everyday, twice a day runner! One of the keys is to keep the right pace...I learned that you're supposed to run @ a speed you can hold a conversation at. Seems slow, but it works! Good luck!


ToDoListMom aka Ashley said...

Oh! Good advice :)Thanks